Thermal Printer - XPM-80

Perfect for Ticketing, Receipts and more!XPM-80 Thermal Printer

  • Fast USB or RS-232 interfaces
  • Prints at 250 mm/sec
  • Driver for Windows® XP, Vista, Linux
  • Powerful transport motors handle thick stock and large diameter rolls
  • Handles 300 mm diameter paper rolls
  • Optional dual-feed unit

The Hengstler XPM-80 Thermal Printer is one of the most versatile printers around! Handling a paper width of 55-86 mm, the XPM-80 printer prints at speeds of 250 mm/second! A high speed USB interface makes connecting the printer fast and easy, while drivers for Windows XP, Vista and Linux makes integration in your application a snap. An integrated autocutter is standard. The XPM-80’s wide range of paper stock thicknesses makes it ideal for printing heavy tickets. The optional dual-feed unit allows the use of two different paper types, or can be used to automatically switch to a second paper roll when the first one is exhausted. By mounting the print mechanism and control board separately, maximum advantage can be taken of the space available inside the enclosure.

Have a ticket printer need? Take a look at the Hengstler XPM-80!

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