MicroPlayer is able to distribute videos, images, web pages on a TV/monitor with HDMI input at HD resolution. Each MicroPlayer can pilot a TV/monitor and it’s predisposed to be connected to the web for the remote management of contents.

Microplayer can manage:
- Video (mpg2, mpg4, divx)
- Pictures(jpg, png, tiff, bmp)
- Music (mp3, wav, wma)
- Web (web pages, streaming)

It's available an internal 1.2 GB memory with multimedia contents, programmable with MicroPlaylistManager software.

It's also possible upload and update quickly multimedia contents through additional SD card, up to 16 GB!

Thanks to the double Ethernet interface in switch modality is possible to link in cascade many MicroPlayer, reducing the installation costs (wirings) and improving the performances (less troubles).

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