Healthcare Solutions

Meridian Healthcare KiosksOur self-service solutions set a tone of thoughtful, quality care right from the start, utilizing a high level of customization to give the personal touch without the associated costs. In fact, a small healthcare clinic reported savings of $12,000 per month in labor and administration costs alone.

Our mzero software suite can seamlessly tie into your organization’s back-end systems to minimize errors, collect relevant data and increase staff efficiency. meridian’s self-service check-in solutions can be also serve as an information center, customized to provide everything from simple way-finding to detailed information such as post-operative procedures.

Benefits & ROI

  • Reduced wait time through self-registration

  • Increased customer satisfaction

  • Secure database for customer’s confidential information

  • Privacy add-on for peace of mind

  • ADA compliant designs and functionalities

  • Reduced physical storage space needed due E-file system

  Products and Services
  • Entertainment and Gaming Kiosks

    Entertainment and Gaming Kiosks

    Life’s too short to be dull. Let our self-service solutions help offer your customers an experience to remember, and keep coming back for more.

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  • Financial and Payment Kiosks

    Financial and Payment Kiosks

    Have you ever been stuck in line behind someone who seems to be counting $1,000 worth of pennies? Or the person who insists on explaining the intricacies of a particular transaction to a rather bored-looking teller?

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  • Government Kiosks

    Government Kiosks

    As more and more people require local accessibility to government services, a deployment of self-service kiosks can help bridge the gap between expectations and reality. Whether in the higher education field, federal, state, or local government, we have solutions to help.

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  • Hospitality Solutions

    Hospitality Solutions

    Personalized service, attention to detail and anticipating customer needs are the cornerstones of the hospitality industry.

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  • Retail Kiosks

    Retail Kiosks

    Is there anything more frustrating than telling your customer that the product they requested is unavailable in your store?

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  • Travel and Tourism Kiosks

    Travel and Tourism Kiosks

    From museums to motocross – exploring your city has never been easier. Meridian kiosk solutions are designed to be low-maintenance and cost-effective so you can focus on what really matters – promoting your area.

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  • Custom Self-service Solutions by Meridian DesignWorks

    Custom Self-service Solutions by Meridian DesignWorks

    Let our designers create solutions that help you address your market and customer needs and refine how the device will fit into your current business processes, ensuring a seamless and successful deployment.

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  • Self-Service Software Solutions

    Self-Service Software Solutions

    The mzero software suite is a compilation of award-winning software tools that keep your device safe and fully-functioning, giving you a peace of mind about your self-service deployment.

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