BMW X3 Portable Wireless Kiosk

Frank Mayer BMW KioskThe BMW Portable Wireless Kiosk has set new standards in the wireless kiosk industry. Having partnered with experienced leaders such as Frank Mayer & Associates, Inc., Reality Pictures, NetKey and Dedicated Computing, this kiosk is like no other in the industry.

The main objective of the Portable Wireless Kiosk is to place emphasis on the portability of the kiosk, wireless technology and the information used to help with the launch of the X3. Placed in a variety of store and dealer environments, FMA was able to develop a sleek and innovative design which would be enhanced by the unique capability the kiosk has to fold down and fit into the back of an X3. The Portable Wireless Kiosk is constructed mainly of a powder coated metal structure featuring a large updateable graphic panel on the face of the unit secured with safety fasteners. A small shelf on the front of the kiosk is especially convenient for consumers when using the 17" touchscreen monitor. Behind the scenes, this kiosk houses the monitor, speaker and all wires concealed behind a vacuum-formed shroud for security purposes.

After vigorous testing at the Frank Mayer & Associates, Inc. warehouse and assembly plant, the kiosks are shipped to arrive at their final destinations in plug and play mode. This is when the consumer can really interact with the ultimate in wireless technology. This wireless technology, provided by Netkey, allows the kiosk to connect virtually anywhere to the internet. Internally, a Sprint data card turns the kiosk into a wireless data cell phone and allows for real time uploads of new content/news. This feature enables BMW to increase their marketing in the field on a daily basis and measure the level of success.

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