Marketing Survey Kiosk Solution

Users are invited to enter their contact information and responses, as well as any other details you wish to receive. All data is saved in a file that is easily retrieved and sorted.

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The Phoenix Kiosk Marketing Survey solution will allow you to:

  • Gain specific details about the users and/or customers who visit your location
  • Utilize the data to improve your customer experience/satisfaction
  • Empower and gratify your users/customers by asking for their opinion
  • Identify and capitalize on your target market
  • Potentially improve your revenue by learning more about your users/customers 
  Products and Services
  • Personal Health Station Kiosk

    Personal Health Station Kiosk

    INFORM, EDUCATE, EMPOWER! By educating the public to make wiser decisions with regard to their health, the Personal Health Station is a powerful tool that enables positive lifestyle changes.

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  • Virtual ReceptionKiosk Solution

    Virtual ReceptionKiosk Solution

    An intuitive software package that enables a kiosk to replace or augment a receptionist. Visitors can speak with your employees through the Internet, or through an existing network, or through a phone system that is connected to the reception kiosk (often referred to as a directory kiosk).

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  • Chamber of Commerce Kiosk Solution

    Chamber of Commerce Kiosk Solution

    Visitors can search and retrieve information within a customizable directory of places to go, eat, learn, and explore. A touch screen or mouse can be used for easy navigation.

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  • Retail & Vending Kiosks

    Retail & Vending Kiosks

    Phoenix Kiosk, Inc. works with retailers to customize kiosk applications for their customers. We specialize in providing Vending Kiosk solutions, as well as cataloguing solutions.

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  • Education Kiosks

    Education Kiosks

    Phoenix Kiosk, Inc. works with educational institutions to provide custom kiosk solutions. These applications are utilized primarily by students in the campus environment. Education Kiosks are a great fit for students because students are familiar with technology.

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  • Healthcare Kiosks

    Healthcare Kiosks

    Phoenix Kiosk, Inc. provides a wide range of solutions for many segments of the healthcare industry. Our Healthcare Kiosks are HIPAA compliant and include the ability to integrate electronic health records, billing, scheduling, patient registration, third-party integration, and other administrative reporting.

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  • Celsius Outdoor Kiosks

    Celsius Outdoor Kiosks

    Phoenix Kiosk’s outdoor kiosks can withstand extreme hot or cold temperatures, allowing utility companies to reach, or serve, their target audience – regardless of time or location.

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