Thermal Printer - X-56

Perfect for Ticketing, Receipts and more!
X-56 Thermal Printer

  • Fast USB or serial interface
  • Prints up to 350 mm/second
  • Prints/cuts stock over 250 g/m²
  • Autocutter with optional chute/jam sensor   
  • Optional sleep mode ideal for remote, battery operation charged by solar cells
  • Wide voltage range option allows operation from 10-36 volts, ideal for use on vehicular electrical systems           


The Hengstler X-56 Thermal Printer is one of the most versatile printers around! Handling a paper width of 49-60 mm, the X-56 printer prints at speeds up to 350 mm/second (13.7 inches/second)! An autocutter is standard, with versions that can cut up to 250 g/m² paper stock. The design includes an integral chute that protrudes from the front of your panel, making mounting and integration simple. An optional chute/jam sensor reports if there is paper in the chute and stops printing if it detects a paper jam. The X-56 can be ordered with sleep mode, so it uses only microamps of current when not printing. This is important in remote, solar cell-charged battery systems. An optional wide voltage range allows connection to almost any vehicle’s electrical system, while the X-56’s wide range of paper stock thicknesses makes it ideal for printing heavy tickets.

Have a narrow printer need? Take a look at the Hecon/Hengstler X-56!

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