Thermal Kiosk Printers - EPSON EU-T400/T500 Series

T400 Series

203 DPI / High Speed Thermal Kiosk PrintersThe Epson EU-400 printers offer serial or parallel control boards and USB interfaces with Windows 95/98 and NT 4.0 drivers. There is a wide range of paper choices, including rolls up to 8" (203mm) in diameter. Front paper loading simplifies service. 

  • 203 DPI (5APMM) resolution
  • Print Speed of 5.9" ( per second
  • Full paper path sensors
  • Ideal for tall or slim cabinet designs

T500 Series

The Epson TU-T500 printers are ideal choices for advanced applications. They may be used with your system or in combination with the Intelligent Register retail unit or Epson multimedia terminal solution. There is a full industrial design service with Pro-E renderings for custom-built systems.

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