Kiosk Receipt Thermal Printer - TELPAR SP 5000 Series

Kiosk Receipt Thermal PrinterThe SP-5000 series of intelligent printers utilize a microprocessor- controlled paper delivery system that spools and protects the document from public access while it is being printed. After the document is completed, the unit automatically dispenses it. If the document is not taken, the SP-5000, will retract the document and dispose of it within the kiosk. Should a paper jam occur, the printer will attempt to clear the jam. If that action fails, the paper will be retracted and disposed of inside the kiosk. Status sensors include Ticket Taken, Buffer Full/Empty, Cutter Jam and Paper Low/Out. Options include 24V/DC power, 32, 128 or 512K nonvolatile memory, 8" diameter x 4.8"  wide (203 mm x 122 mm) paper roll and Microsoft® Windows® driver.
  • 2", 3" and 4" (60 MM, 80 MM and 112MM) Direct Thermal Technolgy
  • 200 DPI (8 DPMM) resolution
  • Long-life industrial quality autocutter
  • Solid, all-metal construction
  • Patented Kiosk application design


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