CUSTOM's KPM216H II - A4/US letter document size kiosk printer

  • Customs KPM216 H II Kiosk PrinterA4/US letter document size kiosk printer
  • 210/216mm paper width
  • 200 or 300 dpi printing resolution
  • 180mm/sec printing speed
  • Paper thickness 60/100 gr/m2
  • High reliability (cutter life: 1.000.000 cuts; head life: 100Km)
  • “Ejecting” and “retracting” ticket functions
  • Max paper roll diameter 180mm
  • Paper outlet friendly use inspection, thank to cutter easy to lift
  • Dot damage prevention
  • Serial RS232 + USB and Ethernet interface
  • Adjustable paper-in
  • 24Vdc power supply
  • Illuminated paper bezel
  • Vertical mounting: 90° paper output
  • Total remote management and control by internal web server and email service
  • Online logo and font updating (true type font)
  • Driver directly on printer
  • Full status monitor
  • Dual feed version: two different paper rolls manage
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