Contour Networks

Contour Networks provides cellular broadband connectivity for ATM, POS and other M2M remote devices to securely connect over wireless, without exposing your connection to the Internet. As the first fully PCI-certified private wireless service, we meet the needs of ATM and other devices in Financial, HIPPA, and other industries. 

Our Five Key Features...

1.  Nationwide Coverage

Our US nationwide 3G cellular network enables you to set up Kiosks, POS, ATMs, Digital Signage, wherever 3G coverage is available.  We offer cellular routers whether your equipment is currently dial-up or IP-based;

2.  PCI-Compliant, Secure Service Network

Our secure, private network features static, private IP addresses for both your equipment and cellular routers in the field.  With our PCI-compliant infrastructure, you can ensure that your customer's sensitive private information is safe and well managed. This architecture will satisfy a quarterly network scanning requirement to validate your PCI Compliance.

3.  24x7, 365-day Customer Care Support

Peace of mind with our round-the-clock connectivity support – most calls are answered immediately, and you can count on our technical support representatives to resolve any issues quickly and professionally.

4.  Lowest Cost, Cellular Service Plan

Value-priced cellular connectivity; pay for what you use, use what you need;

Various types of pricing plans are available:

•  Low Data Volume Plans: 5MB to 50MB per month;

•  Exceptionally Low Cost, Higher Volume Plans: 50 MB to 1 GB per month;

•  Pooling: Similar volume-based (MB) plans may be pooled;

•  Telecom Battery: (purchase of a bundle of megabytes that is good for a year*);

5.  Exclusive Customer Web Portal

Easily track, receive alerts, remotely manage your equipment's connectivity through a secure web portal.

*Total volume may be used at any time during the term. Total volume remaining at the end of term may not be used beyond term expiration, and no credit will be issued for unused portion. 

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