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As the undisputed market leader in self-service solutions, KIOSK provides 19+ years of proven expertise in design engineering, application development, integration, manufacturing, and field support for even the most sophisticated self-service platforms. An exceptionally broad portfolio of standard and custom KIOSK designs are deployed among Top 100 Retailers and Fortune 500 clients in virtually all self-service vertical markets – from mainstream applications in Retail, HR, and Financial services to “off the charts” custom platforms in emerging markets such as recycling, bike sharing, and smart lockers. ISO 9001:2008 certified processes ensure every solution provides superior field reliability,, 800.509.5471.


KIOSK provides an array of highly specialized service characteristics that are unparalleled by any other company in the industry.  These fine-tuned distinctions include:

  • Single Vendor Simplicity

–  Application design & development services 

–  In-house fabrication – rapid prototype and production delivery with full control 

–  Full menu of proven field services and nationwide deployment support experience­ 

Made in the USA–  Sophisticated program management to navigate all phases of development and support 

  • All-inclusive Facilities / ­­Quality Processes

–  115,000 square foot manufacturing facility

–  ISO9001:2008 certified 

–  In-house fabrication equipment for laser cut metals, paint, and custom graphic art 

–  High-end integration capabilities 

–  “Burst Manufacturing” to accommodate a full range of volume needs  

  • Expert Engineering for 1st Pass Success

–  Fine-tuned custom design process that expertly navigates all key elements of the customer’s design experience, facilitating delivery of standard models in 3 – 6 weeks and custom designs as quick as 5 – 8 weeks. 

All this boils down to one thing - KIOSK’s ability to simplify your long-term success.  

  Products and Services
  • Automated Retail KIOSKS

    Automated Retail KIOSKS

    KIOSK’s StoreBOT™ Automated Retail platform provides a highly secure and cost-effective delivery system to increase sales revenue while reducing shrink.

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  • LockSpot Locker Solutions

    LockSpot Locker Solutions

    KIOSK has extensive experience in customized system design for self-service storage – both in lockers, rentals, and hybrid solutions.

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  • Retail KIOSKS

    Retail KIOSKS

    Self-service delivery has become an integral part of long-term retail strategy. KIOSK has a full array of retail solutions that enhance revenue, loyalty, cost control, and enhance the customer experience.

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  • Bill Payment KIOSKS

    Bill Payment KIOSKS

    KIOSK’s retail bill payment solutions provide fully automated payment options (credit/debit/cash/check), improving service efficiency and dramatically reducing transaction costs.

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  • Human Resources KIOSKS

    Human Resources KIOSKS

    KIOSK provides numerous HR applications that improve the services extended to disconnected employees, enhance cost control, and reduce administration costs and errors.

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  • Healthcare KIOSKS

    Healthcare KIOSKS

    KIOSK has a variety of technologically advanced healthcare solutions that add patient convenience and safety, while reducing bad debt and administrative costs.

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  • Security KIOSKS

    Security KIOSKS

    KIOSK’s sophisticated custom design and biometric integration expertise support the most successful and widely deployed US Airport & Border Security solutions.

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  • Government KIOSKS

    Government KIOSKS

    Shrinking federal, state and local budgets have forced many government offices to develop automated solutions. KIOSK provides a host of self-service kiosks designed to cut costs, while increasing service levels.

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  • Green KIOSKS

    Green KIOSKS

    KIOSK provides innovative custom design engineering and alternative component integration resulting in eco-friendly kiosks that benefit both the environment and the deployers’ ROI.

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  • Gaming KIOSKS

    Gaming KIOSKS

    KIOSK has a wide range of self-service gaming solutions which substantially reduce operating costs, increase casino revenues, and enhance player loyalty.

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    Custom DMV kiosks automate high demand functions saving time, improving efficiencies and generating revenue creating a win-win for both tax-paying constituents and state governments alike.

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