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Interactive kiosks connect with consumers  at retail. The kiosk experience includes online sales, product demonstrations, consumer behavior tracking, mobile applications, employment and much more.

Frank Mayer and Associates, Inc. has designed, produced and deployed over 70,000 retail kiosks for clients such as SoloHealth, BMW, John Deere, Microsoft, and Ford.

Our on-site kiosk services include:

  • Design and industrial engineering
  • Experienced consulting 
  • Production quality prototyping 
  • UL Listing 
  • Quality-driven production, integration and fulfillment
  • Complete kiosk testing 
  • Shipping and distribution  
  • Personalized customer service


Contact us at or 855-294-2875

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David Anzia is Senior Vice President-Sales for Frank Mayer and Associates, Inc. With twenty-plus years at FMA, David has been instrumental in developing and nurturing numerous long-term account relationships that have contributed to the company’s success.