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Over the years I've worked with a number of different kiosk manufacturers. Over the course of those interactions I've learned a few things for potential resellers to look out for when selecting any digital kiosk. Here are five: 1. How organized are …
The Kiosk Group Inc. announced the release of a product that cuts the cord on iPad kiosk power connectivity. The PowerWireRemote is a Power over Ethernet (PoE)-based device that delivers USB power using standard Ethernet cables, the announcement …
Revel Systems today announced the launch its iPad Marketplace for POS plug-ins, allowing customers to integrate third-party apps directly from the POS, increasing functionality and ROI, the company said in a press release. Also as part of the …
3 key traits of a qualified lead vendorThis is Part 2 in a series about how to begin, build and deploy a successful digital merchandising project. Subsequent posts will address such topics as software development, design and fabrication, and field services. Whenever you're about to …
When to deploy custom or off-the-shelf kiosksMost retailers understand that kiosks can help educate consumers and push products. The question that many may have is whether to engage off-the-shelf units or to opt for custom-designed kiosk equipment. To help retailers answer the question, …
A successful self-service network should save your customers time and you money, but without proper planning, deploying a series of self-service kiosks could do the exact opposite. Equipment not operating up to expectations will have service reps …
When we entered the self-service industry, we made a conscious decision to be a one-stop solution for our clients, a company that consulted with the client on needs, provided custom software, and maintained the system after delivery. Not all …
I'm sure like most people that are going to read this blog you're looking for a formula that will help you to deploy a successful kiosk project. Like most anyone else I'll tell you that a lot of up front planning is certainly going to help you. I've …
New tax law to bring big savings for 2011 kiosk purchasesAlthough I usually use this spot to share my industry insights, I've invited Don Lineburg, CFO and vice president of Operations , to discuss a business incentive that may help retailers looking to deploy kiosks this year. Enjoy! By Don Lineburg As …
Rite on the Button, a company that provides customized electronic concierge solutions, will soon install interactive touch-screen kiosks around Ventura, Calif. According to VCStar.com, the kiosks will help visitors find information about …
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