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The future of self-service in retailBy Ron Bowers Self-service at retail caters to the merger of online and brick-and-mortar experiences that will help keep the store the focus of the next generation shopper's journey. While many readers are working to update a retail roadmap that …
Customers at McDonald's restaurants around Europe can now charge their wireless/mobile devices at their table. According to Know Your Mobile, the chain is testing the service, provided by PowerKiss wireless, at select restaurants throughout Europe. …
Employees at NV3 Technologies, a Baltimore-based manufacturer of cellphone-charging kiosks, recently did its own "Harlem Shake" video in honor of the city's returning Super Bowl champions. Jeremy Hewitt, a system administrator and product specialist …
NV3 Technologies announced recently the launch of its new line of 2013 cellphone-charging kiosks. With the surge of mobile phone users and increasing data usage there is a need for people to be charged on the go, the company said in the announcement.…
The Gidophone charging station made its U.S. debut at last week's Consumer Electronics Show, giving the French company a much desired boost into the American market. The 6-foot-tall inductive charging tower kiosk charges cellphones, tablets, laptop …
Mobile charging technology is proving a popular subject on the crowd-sourced funding platform Kickstarter. But unlike the unsuccessful go at bicycle-powered mobile charging by the Charge Cycle, a recent pitch for the WakaWaka Power device reached 50 …
Secure smartphone charging kiosks are already a reality. Machines are hitting the streets that offer users a locked compartment to prevent thieves from swiping their device. But as a DefCon security conference proved, physical theft is not the only …
Mobile phone charging stations are becoming an attractive option to both business owners and the millions of smartphone owners around the world. Many charging stations are designed to engage, advertise to or entertain the users while they wait for …
Kickstarter offers pedal power to cellphone chargingThese days, frustration from a dead cellphone battery is akin to the emotions conjured by a flat tire or a flight delay at the airport. It is an intrusion into people's convenience and connection with the world — so it's no surprise that …
Several Starbucks throughout Boston are testing wireless phone-charging solutions designed by Duracell Powermat. The coffee chain will test eight stations in 17 cafes for a limited time, according to Boston.com, which recently interviewed Starbucks …
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