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In another move to utilize its global footprint of photo kiosks, Eastman Kodak Company announced an agreement with the cloud media service provider SolaByte that will facilitate electronic sales of copyrighted music and motion pictures through …
There are two key factors in kiosk software development that maximize the return on an organization's kiosk and IT investment – an effective user interface and a seamless integration process. In the previous post, we discussed the criteria for …
Is a virtual receptionist right for your business?If your business is growing, it's inevitable that your office is going to need a little extra help managing the traffic coming through You think to yourself, "How am I going to afford a receptionist?" Well perhaps there is a kiosk solution that can …
Learn how to use the Healthcare Initiative Act to fund your kiosk projectsPart of the Healthcare Initiative Act sets aside money that will be refunded to organizations that take a pro-active approach in public health education and information including help for domestic violence victims, sexual assault, and other issues …
Every now and then, I'm approached by a potential manufacturer who guarantees to cut my kiosk manufacturing costs without finding out what my expenses are. I think to myself, "Can this manufacturer really be that much cheaper that I'm guaranteed to …
When we survey businesses and organizations that are interested in developing self-service networks, one of our first questions is, "What is your primary purpose in building a kiosk network?" The typical answer is, "We'd like to do something novel …
Look out DVD-rental kiosks — porn may take over as the go-to product in the self-service industry. I recently wrote about a porn kiosk because I liked the novelty of the idea — it seemed odd enough to feature in a blog. However, it may …
Retail grocers are under scrutiny to prove strong return on investment (ROI) for any capital expenditure or endeavor — especially technology — making the connection from investment to bottom line impact more important than ever. Exactly …
Before the crowds poured into Customer Engagement Technology World in San Francisco last week, I stood in FMA's booth and pondered the power of self-service technology to positively impact millions of lives. We are an industry with staying power …
As I prepared Monday to leave for Customer Engagement Technology World, my husband presented me with a challenge. "Why don't you try to make it home without your phone dying for once." My response: "I doubt that'll happen." I always run out of …
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A kiosk deployment can generate revenue in a number of different ways. The value of investing in a kiosk network depends in large part on the return on that investment. This research center is designed to show the revenue potential of a kiosk network and the factors a deployer needs to consider when determining ROI.
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