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Is a virtual receptionist right for your business?If your business is growing, it's inevitable that your office is going to need a little extra help managing the traffic coming through You think to yourself, "How am I going to afford a receptionist?" Well perhaps there is a kiosk solution that can …
Learn how to use the Healthcare Initiative Act to fund your kiosk projectsPart of the Healthcare Initiative Act sets aside money that will be refunded to organizations that take a pro-active approach in public health education and information including help for domestic violence victims, sexual assault, and other issues …
Every now and then, I'm approached by a potential manufacturer who guarantees to cut my kiosk manufacturing costs without finding out what my expenses are. I think to myself, "Can this manufacturer really be that much cheaper that I'm guaranteed to …
When we survey businesses and organizations that are interested in developing self-service networks, one of our first questions is, "What is your primary purpose in building a kiosk network?" The typical answer is, "We'd like to do something novel …
Look out DVD-rental kiosks — porn may take over as the go-to product in the self-service industry. I recently wrote about a porn kiosk because I liked the novelty of the idea — it seemed odd enough to feature in a blog. However, it may …
Before the crowds poured into Customer Engagement Technology World in San Francisco last week, I stood in FMA's booth and pondered the power of self-service technology to positively impact millions of lives. We are an industry with staying power …
Retail grocers are under scrutiny to prove strong return on investment (ROI) for any capital expenditure or endeavor — especially technology — making the connection from investment to bottom line impact more important than ever. Exactly …
As I prepared Monday to leave for Customer Engagement Technology World, my husband presented me with a challenge. "Why don't you try to make it home without your phone dying for once." My response: "I doubt that'll happen." I always run out of …
The economic downturn has permanently changed the way consumers shop. More shopping trips begin online and at in-store kiosks, and price comparisons and coupon searches are even more common. Coupled with the social media explosion and breakthrough …
I'm sure like most people that are going to read this blog you're looking for a formula that will help you to deploy a successful kiosk project. Like most anyone else I'll tell you that a lot of up front planning is certainly going to help you. I've …
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428MRF – 4” thermal printer with RFID module



Presentation: Unleashing the Retail Customer Experience



STEGO ETF 012 Temperature and Humidity Sensor



MokiTouch - iPad and Android Kiosk App



Digital Signage & Kiosk Software - Nanopoint



Esprida ScreenGuard™ - Web Browser Lockdown



Slabb X2/X3 Desktop, Rugged Kiosks



KioWare Full with Server – Kiosk Software



Slabb X7E Transactional Kiosk






A kiosk deployment can generate revenue in a number of different ways. The value of investing in a kiosk network depends in large part on the return on that investment. This research center is designed to show the revenue potential of a kiosk network and the factors a deployer needs to consider when determining ROI.
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