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"Out of Order" - is that a self-service solution company? With the number of kiosks wearing that tag, you might come to think so. These three words translate to "No Thank You" for end-user engagement and businesses considering purchasing these units.…
My last blog detailed a poorly developed kiosk solution that was in an Ann Taylor retail store, and it got me thinking about some of the main considerations organizations should think through before implementing interactive projects. Too often, self-…
In an era when consumers are becoming increasingly reliant on technology, businesses today are turning to digital kiosks as a more effective way to deliver service. Digital kiosks not only are beneficial for improving the user experience of …
Four essential pre-deployment considerationsDeployment is the bridge between the final development phase and the remote monitoring and management phase of a digital merchandising project. It's the phase of the project that can foster excitement and deliver frustration. However, proper and …
After reading fellow blogger Michael Ionescu's post "Bad execution: Why good kiosk ideas fail", I did some research to learn more about what was behind the failure of the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board's Wine Kiosk project. I found that the 102 …
Let's examine the following scenario to find out how things could go wrong with an in-store kiosk that is not designed to handle errors properly. In a retail store, a customer is trying to order a shirt using an in-store kiosk because she couldn't …
As we discussed in the previous post, kiosk security is one of the greatest challenges organizations need to deal with during kiosk application development. Self-service kiosks are often in unsupervised locations, and thus vulnerable to threats such …
There is no denying that self-service kiosks offer great conveniences in today's busy world. Tasks like checking in at the airport, paying for food at the grocery store or renting a movie have never been easier. Because your kiosk is an extension of …
Because kiosks are products available at public facilities, they are subject to various types of regulations and must meet federal standards. Not all of these regulations are mandatory, and many depend on the configuration and application of the …
As I have discussed in previous posts, regular maintenance of your kiosk is important to keep it running smoothly. This week I will be focusing on thermal printer cleaning cards. The benefits of regular cleaning include: Increased life of print-head …
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