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The Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security announced Thursday it has installed a self-service driver's license kiosk at the University of Tennessee campus, according to WATE Channel 6 in Knoxville, Tenn. The kiosk was installed in the …
Cincinnati's Metro bus service has installed its first ticket vending machine at downtown Government Square, the agency announced recently. "Metro came out of the dark ages of public transport," the Cincinnati Business Courier said of the move. Lack …
Queensland, Australia, is set to install parole reporting kiosks from Sydney-based Argus Global in all its community monitoring offices and selected police stations, according to the Biometrics Institute. The Queensland Corrective Services plans to …
The Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation is rolling out touchscreen self-service kiosks to help its employees plan and apply for leave, reports The Hindu newspaper. Bangalore is the capital city of the state of Karnataka in South West India. …
Pot payment kiosks cropping up like weedsThe continuing push toward legalization of marijuana for both recreational and medicinal purposes is creating new business opportunities for kiosk vendors. Colorado and Washington State recently legalized cannabis for recreational use, after having …
Getting through customs and into the country goes faster with passport kiosks, according to a recent survey of government wait times. USA Today reported that average wait times at New York JFK's Terminal 4 were more than halved after 40 passport …
Waiting – it's an inevitable and even necessary aspect of human life. We wait in lines in order to purchase groceries; to be served at restaurants; to be attended to in a bank; at amusement parks; to see a movie – however complacent we …
'Kill Switch' legislation and the ecoATMThe Federal Communications Commission recently reported that one-third of thefts in the U.S. involve smartphones — and that figure rises to as much as one-half in most major cities. The reason that smartphones are such a hot target for thieves …
The Ector County Courthouse in Odessa, Texas, has installed an outdoor payment kiosk that allows users to pay fines and fees 24 hours a day, seven days a week. According to an article on newswest9.com, the Ector County Judge Susan Redford said the …
Are US postal kiosks facing a usage crisis?The U.S. Postal Service Office of Inspector General released an audit report last month that detailed problems facing the nation's fleet of more than 2,500 self-service postal kiosks. At the center of the report, the OIG found that the kiosks were …
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Government agencies on local, state and national levels are increasingly using self-service kiosk technology to provide better service to citizens at a lower cost to taxpayers.

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