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St James's Hospital in Leeds, U.K., has installed a silk flower vending machine to get around the national ban on bouquets in wards, reports the Daily Mail. Bans have been enforced in 92 percent of U.K. hospitals amid fears that flowers could cause …
The new generation of kiosk technology has the power to disrupt our healthcare landscape in a good way, especially at a time when the effects of the Affordable Care Act are already being felt by patients and healthcare providers alike. Although …
Pot payment kiosks cropping up like weedsThe continuing push toward legalization of marijuana for both recreational and medicinal purposes is creating new business opportunities for kiosk vendors. Colorado and Washington State recently legalized cannabis for recreational use, after having …
Another marijuana payment kiosk is sprouting up. Free Agrisoft payment kiosks will be beta tested in a limited number of cannabis dispensaries soon, and the company is inviting dispensaries to apply for them now, according to an announcement from …
A look at the best of the best in kiosks, screenmediaThe Digital Screenmedia Association recently lauded the best digital signage, mobile and self-service kiosk technology deployments across all vertical market segments with the announcement of its annual DSA Industry Excellence Awards. The awards …
Waiting – it's an inevitable and even necessary aspect of human life. We wait in lines in order to purchase groceries; to be served at restaurants; to be attended to in a bank; at amusement parks; to see a movie – however complacent we …
JetPay Payment Services, a division of JetPay Corp., and the patient identification company LifeMed ID announced an agreement to process financial and data transactions for LifeMed's patient kiosks. LifeMed's medical services kiosk is designed to …
Olea Kiosks has introduced a patient self-check-in kiosk designed to be fully ADA and HIPAA compliant, according to a company press release. The Cambridge Kiosk does not require an adjustable height mechanism. Instead, the kiosk's peripherals extend …
QuadraMed Corporation has signed an agreement with Connected Technology Solutions to bring QuadraMed's point-of-service patient registration solution to the CTS kiosk platform. According to a new release from the companies, the integration of CTS …
Higi, a kiosk-based health engagement platform, announced an agreement with Rite Aid to become the sole provider of health stations in fleet of nationwide stores. The company will deploy approximately 4,100 higi Stations beginning in the second …
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