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Redbox is now without an acting president, as Outerwall announced that Anne Saunders has left the company. Outerwall CEO Scott Di Valerio will oversee Redbox operations until a replacement is named. "I am confident in the future of Redbox and the …
If you want to take a look at the true potential of self-service networks, it's important to look at how the smartphone functionality is evolving. Even though smartphones are focused primarily on private, individual use and self-service digital …
Coinstar has made many a headline lately with its plans to broaden its kiosk businesses. It's been testing coffee and gadget-dispensing kiosks but now may add movie tickets to its growing list of products, according to a blog posted today on …
The DVD Kiosk business made significant headlines this week with the major announcements of redbox's acquisition of the NCR Blockbuster Express network of DVD kiosks, as well as a partnership with Verizon to extend their entertainment services into …
Have you seen "Minority Report"? Cited frequently in conversations about the future of technology, the movie contains a scene where the main character, John Anderton, is walking through a shopping mall. The mall is full of advertising screens that …
The idea of an outdoor kiosk for most of us brings to mind DVD rentals. However, businesses across the country are finding innovative ways to bring self-service outdoors – making buying products and services easier, faster and more efficient. …
Many people use blogs as forums to get the word out on a multitude of things. Some write blogs because they love to write, while some have other motives. Bloggers, including yours truly, often get asked to write based on their expertise in a …
Following in the footsteps of Coinstar's redbox and NCR's Blockbuster Express, which have capitalized on the emergence of the DVD kiosk concept, are a number of new contenders that are actively vying to be recognized as significant players. While …
Kiosks allow consumers to check in for flights and into hotels, buy groceries and rent DVDs — all without human interaction. So, it comes as no surprise that the porn and self-service industries have finally collided to create the PleasureXone …
During the first month of this new year, a watershed milestone was reached for the DVD kiosk business: redbox, the reigning king of the concept, also took the overall lead in physical media rentals in the United States. With about 35 percent of the …
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DVD rental kiosks are almost everywhere and renting movies has never been more convenient. For retailers, DVD kiosks offer a low-footprint option to generate high foot traffic.

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