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NRT Technology Corp., a deployer of cash-handling solutions for the casino industry, has renewed and won several contracts to provide casinos with its QuickJack ticket-redemption kiosks, QuickJack Attendant Jackpot-dispensing kiosks and its multi-…
Kiosks order up faster fast foodI like to imagine a world where I could get my standard fast-food order – a grilled chicken sandwich with only mustard and cheese –sans the eye roll and sigh from the teenager behind the counter or drive-thru. If only I lived in Europe, …
Reading made easy in New York libraryReaders at the Sayville Public Library in Sayville, New York, will be able to quickly check out books when the library's RFID program is finished. And the security system will also make it tough for people to smuggle out books, according to a story …
Hotel chain Yotel to deploy kiosksYotel, a chain of Japanese-style capsule hotels in Amsterdam, London, New York and Abu Dhabi, has signed a five-year contract with Atos Origin subsidiary Shere Limited for self-service reception kiosks. "We firmly believe that self-service reception …
Millions of low-income Americans who don't have bank accounts are finding an alternative to check-cashing stores at kiosks inside big-box retailers, according to the Washington Post. Kmart is testing check cashing, money transfers and prepaid cards …
IER, a manufacturer of technology for check-in and boarding in the air transportation industry, has released a 2-D barcode reader with integrated RFID technologies to be deployed at all passenger touch points, including ticket counter, security …
Kiosk vs. Mobile: Industry insiders weigh inPredictions and rumors are running rampant about whether retailers will combine kiosk and mobile technology to serve consumers or if mobile will simply replace kiosks. In fact, Troy Carroll declared 2010 as the beginning of the end for kiosks in a …
NRF: Microsoft Surface integrates online and in-store shoppingMicrosoft is helping retailers bring the virtual shopping experience to stores with a new application for Microsoft Surface. Consumers who shop online at home can now use a browser add-on, to save their favorite products into a folio that they can …
NRF: IBM launches self-checkout systemRetailers at the National Retail Federation's Big Show in New York City visited the IBM booth last week to learn about the company's new self-checkout system. IBM Self Checkout System 6 has modular scanning, payment and bagging units, new cash-…
NRF: Convergent technologies on the retail horizonConsumers will soon be able to set up personal accounts that track their purchases, store payment options and histories and give them coupons and offers tailored to buying history. The new service, Value Blueprint, is part of NCR Retail's converged …
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