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According to research firm IDC, PC shipments are falling, and they're going to keep going down. They're predicting that globally, they'll drop 7.8 percent this year. The first quarter of this year, said IDC, was marked "the worst quarter since IDC …
In an era when consumers are becoming increasingly reliant on technology, businesses today are turning to digital kiosks as a more effective way to deliver service. Digital kiosks not only are beneficial for improving the user experience of …
The "brand" means more than ever today, and it encompasses all the interactions, small and large, digital and physical, that consumers have with a retailer. We have finally embraced the true success of the retail shopping experience; the experience …
The “Rebirth” of Phoenix Kiosk - how one company adjusted to an evolving marketIn the competitive kiosk industry, things change faster than you can blog about them. Companies must stay ahead of the curve, as well as present an effective message in an evolving marketplace.In this blog, I'll talk about how a company might …
Learn from the past The retail kiosk industry started in the early '80's of the last Millennium. (Cue Star Wars theme song.) Companies such as IBM, NCR, and Compaq, were developing strategies to help their services and enterprise clients utilize the …
Following Blockbuster's bankruptcy filing last week, NCR Corp. quietly made moves to distance itself from the company whose name it licenses and uses on its Blockbuster Express DVD-rental kiosks, according to the online The Consumerist, published by …
Opinion: Retailers should emphasize in-store sale of digital content through kiosks(Anthony Bay, co-founder and CEO of MOD Systems, a Seattle-based provider of digital entertainment solutions for retailers, originally wrote this column for Retail Customer Experience). Corporations across every industry are looking to weave …
Americans are ready to embrace new approaches to healthcare such as patient self-service and will soon search out healthcare providers that use kiosks to offer this convenience, according to Newt Gingrich and Jeffrey Kao in a column in MDNews.com. …
The leader of Virgin Airlines and international entrepreneur Richard Branson writes in a column that second impressions are vitally important for businesses, primarily because many consumers get their first impression of a firm through the online …
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