4172.pngMicrosoft® Windows® Phone Kiosk
by Frank Mayer and Associates, Inc.

Designed and produced for Microsoft Corporation the interactive displays demonstrate the Windows Phone 7 operating system allowing...

6929.pngDigital Self-Service Kiosk Design, Engineering
by RedyRef Interactive Kiosks

RedyRef has a full staff of engineers and designers with capabilities that includes: SolidWorks and Pro-E Wildfire parametric design...

4619.pngHealthcare KIOSKS
by KIOSK Information Systems

KIOSK has a variety of technologically advanced healthcare solutions that add patient convenience and safety, while reducing bad debt and...

6981.pngTransportation Kiosk
by RedyRef Interactive Kiosks

Transportation kiosks provide the traveler with all of the options to get to their final destination.

6473.pngSlabb X10 Informational Wayfinding Kiosk
by Slabb, Inc.

The Slabb X10 is a fully modular interactive digital signage kiosk and hardware platform.

5405.pngMokiTouch - iPad and Android Kiosk App
by MokiMobility

MokiTouch is the first, and only, iPad and Android Kiosk app with cloud-based remote management to safely and securely leverage tablets for...

6385.pngAsuraCPRNT Interactive Communication Platform
by Star Micronics America

Star Micronics introduces its AsuraCPRNT, a robust, feature rich, interactive communication platform with an integrated printer.

4327.pngOlea comPADre
by Olea Kiosks Inc.

The comPADre mount and stands allow your iPad to serve as an Interactive business Kiosk.  These iPad enclosures are sleek, cost...