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2008.pngEsprida LiveControl™ - Remote Management Simplified
by Esprida Corporation

Esprida LiveControl™ is a cloud based platform for monitoring and managing digital signage deployments

6971.pngHealthcare Kiosk
by RedyRef Interactive Kiosks

Patient self-service kiosks are being used with growing frequency in hospital ambulatory settings and emergency departments. These...

MEI Payment Systems
by MEI

  MEI is the leading supplier of high-performance electronic payment systems and has the world's largest installed base of electronic...

by Livewire

Turn any kiosk concierge system into a moneymaking machine.

Telpar_StealthMTP2283.jpgModular Thermal Printer - TELPAR Stealth MTP 2283

8 1/2" (A4) 300dpi Modular Thermal Printer

4958.pngKiosk Printer - KR203
by Zebra Technologies

The affordable KR203 kiosk printer for 3-inch-wide receipts meets a variety of self-service applications. The KR203 printer uses host-based...

2812.pngThermal Printer - X-56

X-56™ Thermal PrinterVersatile, Flexible and Robust!

6569.pngSTEGO ETF 012 Temperature and Humidity Sensor
by STEGO, Inc.

The ETF 012 senses the ambient temperature and relative air humidity. Depending on which contact combination is chosen, it then turns...

6255.pngEntertainment and Gaming Kiosks
by meridian

Life’s too short to be dull. Let our self-service solutions help offer your customers an experience to remember, and keep coming back...

DSA Deployer/User Membership
by Digital Screenmedia Association

Deployers/Users (or Site Owners) are companies which have digital signage, kiosks, or self-service terminals operating within their...

Contour Networks Airjack
by Contour Networks

Contour Networks Airjack - Low-cost, IP-to-3G cellular router to meet Kiosk connectivity needs over cellular networks.

Kiosk Dispensing Solutions
by D&K Engineering

D&K Engineering helps you realize your custom dispensing solutions. D&K Engineering’s experienced team of engineers work with...

ReplaceImage.jpgKiosk Software Platform - Flextronics
by Flextronics Self-Service Kiosk Systems

  With over 10 years experience and 200 successful self-service deployments, the Flextronics VendiSoft™ software platform has...

4947.pngKioWare® Lite for Android™ – Kiosk Mode Software
by KioWare

KioWare Lite for Android is kiosk mode software designed to lockdown Android devices, securing the OS, home screen and browser, as well as...

3785.pngPersonal Health Station Kiosk
by Phoenix Kiosk

INFORM, EDUCATE, EMPOWER! By educating the public to make wiser decisions with regard to their health, the Personal Health Station is a...

5687.pngSoloHealth Station® Kiosk
by Frank Mayer and Associates, Inc.

The SoloHealth Station® is an interactive, self-service health-screening kiosk that empowers consumers with free and convenient...

6639.pngAutomated Retail - The Valet
by Signifi Solutions

The Valet takes automated retailing up several notches by providing incredible flexibility using state of the art technology. The Valet...

4306.pngKiosk Deployment Services
by MoveIt Specialized Logistics

White Glove shipping services involve kiosk deployment.  Inside delivery to customer site, placement, including unpacking, light...

4109.png428TM plus – 4” thermal kiosk printer
by Microcom Corporation

The affordable 428TMplus thermal kiosk printer is specially engineered for reliability in unattended applications, reducing potential...

3091.pngSiteKiosk - Secure Kiosk Software

SiteKiosk is a kiosk and digital signage software that can be used to secure public computers and kiosks and defines how they can be used...

2259.pngDigital Signage & Kiosk Software - Nanopoint
by Nanonation

Nanopoint is an enterprise-class software platform that allows businesses to create, deploy and manage digital signage and kiosk networks...

Worldwide Kiosk Enclosure List
by Summit Research Associates, Inc.

This continuously updated report lists the names and Websites of kiosk enclosure manufacturers throughout the world. They are grouped by...

2787.pngSlabb X5 Informational kiosk
by Slabb, Inc.

The Slabb X5 kiosk is a smart blend of stainless steel, simplicity, elegance, function and aesthetics. Its rugged indoor design allows it...

5077.pngCUSTOM VKP80III - State-of-art of self-service thermal printers
by Custom

VKP80III perfectly combines the 20 years of CUSTOM experience in the kiosk, banking and self-service industries. The VKP80 of third...

tio.gifSelf-Service Terminals - The TIO Biller Opportunity
by TIO Networks Corp.

Enable your cash preferred customers to pay their bills in real-time via self-service bill payment terminals.

6015.pngOlea Milan Kiosk
by Olea Kiosks Inc.

A stunning pedestal-style kiosk designed on the principles of versatility and configurability. Large LCD display demands attention;...

4828.pngAutomated Retail KIOSKS
by KIOSK Information Systems

KIOSK’s StoreBOT™ Automated Retail platform provides a highly secure and cost-effective delivery system to increase sales...

6625.pngKiosk Weighing Solutions - AH200 Kiosk Kit
by PTC Electronics, Inc.

The AH200 kit is our weighing solution recommended for seats up to 16 x 16 inches. This kit includes a 6 foot USB cable to connect to your...

PaysiteRed_100.gifPaySite Bill Payment Kiosk
by U.S. Payments

PaySite kiosks incorporate the industries leading components to produce a great experience for customers and a reliable network our clients...

self_order_kiosk_100x75.jpgSelf Order Kiosks | NEXTEP SYSTEMS

  Customer Touchscreen Ordering System

5405.pngMokiTouch - iPad and Android Kiosk App
by Moki

MokiTouch is the first, and only, iPad and Android Kiosk app with cloud-based remote management to safely and securely leverage tablets for...

6385.pngAsuraCPRNT Interactive Communication Platform
by Star Micronics America

Star Micronics introduces its AsuraCPRNT, a robust, feature rich, interactive communication platform with an integrated printer.

5995.pngStandard Kiosks
by Fabcon Creative

Fabcon standard kiosks can be configured to meet your needs. Options include:  Credit card readers, Bill acceptors, Pin pads, RFID...

4771.pngTRū Projected Capacitive (P-Cap) Desktop Monitors
by Touch Revolution

The TRū Projected Capacitive (P-Cap) Desktop product line is a broad line of projected capacitive multi-touch monitors that bring an...

Kiosk Installation and Maintenance
by ServRight

ServRight can plan and manage any size kiosk deployment – from a local pilot to a national rollout or equipment upgrade for any type...