Vision-Box closes the loop in the card issuance cycle

May 21, 2012

Vision-Box S.A., a provider of biometric products and electronic identity solutions, has launched vb i-dispenser, an all-in-one and self-service-operated platform that covers the entire card issuance cycle including enrollment, renewal, delivery, printing, archiving and payment of any type of electronic card or machine-readable travel document right on the spot, according to a company press release.

It's the first self-contained card and passport delivery system which integrates, within a unique kiosk architecture, all necessary processing modules, which guide a citizen through the entire workflow to request, renew and acquire an electronic document, Miguel Leitmann, SVP of Vision-Box S.A., said in the release.

It has the potential to change the way central government interacts with its citizens, bringing them closer to a more friendly and immediate interaction with the authorities, while reducing dramatically the costs of service and distribution of electronic documents, Leitmann said.

The kiosk will be in public spaces and integrates a cash and card payment module and a fully-multimodal (face, iris or fingerprint) biometric enrollment kiosk. The dispensing module, which can include a printing unit for decentralized document personalization, is based on an intelligent cartridge storage technology, which allows the management of up to 5,000 electronic id cards within the kiosk, thus eliminating the accumulation of uncollected cards and reducing significantly the cost of distribution, Leitman said.

All hardware and software components are fully developed and manufactured by Vision-Box, with the objective to maximize performance and compliance with international standards, such as ICAO 9303, ISO/IEC FCD 19794, 19785, ANSI/NIST, WSQ for FBI.

The first deployments have been contracted and are already scheduled for the third quarter of this year.

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