Udi's Food using ShelfX self-checkout

Feb. 13, 2012

ShelfX, a provider of a self-checkout and inventory management solution, announced today that Udi's Food will integrate the system to shorten customer wait-time and increase shopping convenience at their Udi's Bread Café chain. The initial pilot project is expected to be completed by May 2012, according to the Denver Post.

Most of Udi's retail locations are cafe style with a "Grab and Go" section, serving fresh made ready meals. Udi's locations are in urban setting as well as in hospitals, universities, and soon at Denver International airport with an expended Grab and Go section, to improve speed and increase sales.

How it works

Customers come into Udi's Bread Café, grab an RFID-enabled ShelfX Card, grab a product from ShelfX Smart Shelves and proceed to the ShelfX Kiosk for payment processing. The customer then swipes his credit card or loads cash onto the ShelfX Card.

For future purchases, Udi's customers can keep the ShelfX card, topping them up with credit at their own convenience via a secure online platform.

More than simplifying the check-out process, the ShelfX system offers the following key inventory management features: automatic inventory updates as items are removed from the ShelfX Smart Shelf, instantaneous pricing or promotional updates via the ShelfX Software, up-to-the-minute inventory reporting, low-level inventory alerts and automated product re-ordering.

Read more about self-checkout.

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