TouchPoint Homes launches first interactive real estate kiosk

June 9, 2004

NASHUA, N.H. - TouchPoint Homes, LLC, installed its first kiosk unit at the Pheasant Lane Mall in Nashua, New Hampshire, according to a company press release. The touch-activated kiosk is the first of its kind to help real estate professionals promote their listings and generate sales leads within local shopping malls.

Businesses affiliated with the real estate industry can also utilize the kiosk to promote their product and service offerings. The TouchPoint Homes kiosk provides numerous benefits over traditional print advertising media, including the ability to measure consumer interactions with each listing, reduced costs, and the flexibility to implement changes to listing information `on-the-fly'. 

"We've been working with Realtors for years to understand the challenges they face when marketing homes," says Ed Goulding, founder of TouchPoint Homes.  "The kiosk provides a valuable opportunity for Realtors to establish a presence at shopping malls within their communities, while also generating more sales leads at a much more cost-effective rate than if they were relying on newspaper ads or space within the local real estate books."

The kiosk's lead generation capabilities have been impressive.  Over the three-week period the kiosk recorded 173 inquiries for listing information. According to the release, the volume of inquiries indicates willingness from consumers to use the kiosk as a tool to research and interact with real estate information in a mall-based setting.

Goulding notes that the kiosk also provides a low-stress shopping experience for homebuyers. "While consumers generally rely on a Realtor to help them find and buy a home, the kiosk provides a relaxing, no pressure environment for homebuyers to browse local real estate offerings," states Goulding.

"In fact, we've even had a number of home sellers approach us to learn how their own Realtor could start using the kiosk to promote their homes. The possibilities are endless for utilizing the kiosk in a number of sales situations."

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