Self-service Vending Fridge now available

April 26, 2012

There's a new refrigerator on the market that allows customers to buy cold products using QR codes and a Mobile App. The Vending Fridge, created by ShelfX, a provider of self-checkout and inventory management solutions, is aimed at hotels, offices, retail stores, gyms, coffee shops, schools, libraries or retail locations where flexible food vending is needed, according to a company press release.

How it works

Customers use their mobile phone to scan a QR code on the fridge, prompting the download of the ShelfX app from which accounts are created and payment information is entered. Within seconds, scanning the QR code again will unlock the fridge door and beverages, sandwiches, apples, etc., will be available for taking.

Existing customers will also receive an RFID-enabled XCard in the mail, which acts the same as the app on their mobile phones. New customers may also create accounts online to start shopping without hassle or lines.

Keeping the fridge stocked is essentially the only task retailers have, according to the release. ShelfX handles account creations, payment processing, and sends owners a payment each month, deducting a small percentage of sales for services rendered.

Just as with the ShelfX retail system, the Vending Fridge is equipped with the company's proprietary Smart Shelf that knows the exact quantity and type of products that are stocked on it. The Vending Fridge also knows what the consumer removes from, or returns to, its shelves; and through wireless communication, the Vending Fridge updates accounts and instantly automates billing.

The system is $599. For skilled technicians and do-it-yourself owners, the ShelfX Vending Fridge kit is also available for $299.

Read more about self-checkout.

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