Self-service kiosks eased holiday lines at the post office

Dec. 26, 2012

Self-service kiosks at an Idaho post office helped ease the busy holiday package shipping season, according to an article on

Marnie McNeil, a customer service supervisor at the main Boise post office, said people are becoming more comfortable with the kiosks, which first arrived in Boise in 2006, the article reported. The number of packages shipped using the devices has increased about 10 percent from last year, McNeil said.

Shifting business from people to machines has enabled the financially strapped Postal Service to handle more mail — and take in more money — without paying more wages and benefits, according to the article. Last year, customers made nearly 86 million transactions from some 2,500 kiosks across the country.

While McNeil said she has seen an increase in revenue at her post office location, the main objective of the kiosks is to improve customer service and convenience.

"A lot of people will step out of line as soon as they see somebody else use it and how easy it is for that person," McNeil said. "You have a little old lady with a cane and she's pressing the numbers and she's getting her (package) posted before you, then you're more willing to try something."

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