Self-checkout kiosks: Love 'em or leave 'em?

April 9, 2012

It seems self-checkout is either loved or hated. While Walmart and CVS are adding more self-scanning lanes, at least two grocery chains — Albertson's and Big Y— have ditched their kiosks, citing customer service as one reason. The other was shoplifting.

Theft is up to five times higher with self-checkout than with cashiers, Malay Kundu, founder of Stoplift Checkout Vision Systems, which sells store video analytic software, said in a story that ran in USA Today.

Most retailers, however, aren't giving up on self-checkout yet; many will add more kiosks now that easier-to-use systems that also reduce the risk of theft are coming, Joe LaRocca, National Retail Federation's senior asset protection adviser, said in the story.

Self-checkouts in North America will increase by up to 10 percent in the next few years, says research and advisory firm IHL Group.

What do you think will happen with self-checkout? Leave your comments below.

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