SeePoint launches 22-inch touchscreen

May 2, 2012

SeePoint Technology has released a 22-inch LCD touchscreen that can be integrated into its entire line of standard and custom kiosks, according to a company press release.

The 22-inch screen creates a visually rich target aimed for settings where clients need to engage users quickly and draw them to the kiosk's promotional, instructional or sales functions. The WSXGA screen has a maximum display resolution of 1600 x 1050, so it displays widescreen content fully, effectively transforming a transactional kiosk into one that has the attraction capability of a vivid digital sign, SeePoint founder Jonathan Arfin said in the release.

"Adding a 22-inch option to our touchscreen lineup was a natural because it gives us yet another color to mix into the palette when we're designing a kiosk for a client," he said. "A kiosk with a 22-inch touchscreen is visually bold, but it's still as light and space-conscious as our other designs, so a client can move it around as they need to respond to changes in their location, such as traffic flow."

SeePoint kiosks can be outfitted with standard ratio, 15-, 17- and 19-inch touchscreens or the new widescreen ratio, which is particularly suited for promotional and instructional uses in settings like retail or education. The expanded size is useful for displaying multimedia, or running software applications in tandem with an onscreen keyboard because the 22-inch screen accommodates a viewing area along with a comfortable, interactive workspace. The size of the screen also accommodates users, such as children or the visually impaired, who might find smaller screens tougher to navigate, Arfin said.

The showcase aspect of the 22-inch screen kiosk is maintained by privacy and hygiene measures that SeePoint can integrate into its design, along with custom, anti-vandal ones. SeePoint touchscreens are treated with an antimicrobial coating that bonds to the screen permanently and destroys microorganisms like bacteria and mold, along with their ability to spread from user to user, or produce stains and odor, Arfin said.

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