Schools choosing Maclocks enclosures to protect iPads

June 22, 2012

The number of schools and districts providing mobile devices to their students has reached 2,000 and continues to grow at a rapid pace as universities and school boards have discovered the value in integrating them as part of their teaching methods, according to the The Corpus Christi School in California has adopted iPad programs from kindergarten to teach language arts, social studies, math and science, and joined the ranks of about 1,000 other schools in the U.S. that have implemented an iPad program from kindergarten through eighth grade.

Large iPad rollouts are all over higher education institutions as well, according to Jim Siegl, a technical architect in the education industry, who said there are more than 140 institutions currently deploying iPads.

Those ipads need security, and Maclocks executives say their company is the one to do it. The Texas-based company has a variety of options, including locks and enclosures.

Among Maclocks's education accounts are NYU, MIT, Northwestern, John Hopkins University, Georgetown, UCSD and many of the country's leading universities that understand that the iPad is the device of choice to lead them into the future.

Ivy League institutions also have a respectful representation among Maclocks's education accounts. Yale for example chose the iPad security and case bundle to be used at The Digital Media Center for the Arts; Brown's department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology had acquired iPad locks for their iPad rollout. Another demand that has been brought up by Harvard university department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology and Columbia's faculty of classical studies is for universal laptop and iPad locks to be used for securing students and staff work stations in their facilities.

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