Remote check-in kiosks deployed for low-risk probationers in Ohio

Dec. 7, 2012

The Ohio Summit County Court of Common Pleas became one of the first in the state to take part in a remote reporting kiosk program for low-risk probationers.

According to, Administrative Judge Judy Hunter said the kiosk program, started this summer, leaves more time for officers to focus on more dangerous offenders.

"The research over the years has shown that offenders that are determined to be low risk are better off if they aren't thrown in with the higher-risk population," she said in the article.

Probationers can access the remote reporting program from any kiosk in the county and are assessed through fingerprint scans and a series of questions. A probation officer will reviews the check-in and, if necessary, follows up with the offender, the article reported.

Funding for the program comes from the state Department of Correction’s Probation Improvement Grant. Offenders assigned to kiosk reporting are still under the supervision of probation officers and the courts.

Read more about government use of kiosks.

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