ProfitStars new platform processes payments from multiple sources.

April 18, 2012

ProfitStars, a division of banking technology provider Jack Henry & Associates Inc., announced a new remittance payment product called RemitCentral. Complementing ProfitStars RemitPlus Remittance/Lockbox solution, RemitCentral enables payment processing from a variety of sources, including online pay providers, kiosks and mobile payments.

Basically, the new product does the heavy lifting on the back end so financial institutions and businesses can offer solutions such as mobile bill pay on the front end. (Building a mobile app or deploying a kiosk is easy when compared to fitting new payment channels into back-end systems.)

"As innovations in financial technologies continue to increase, the number of ways consumers can pay their bills also grows," ProfitStars president David Foss said in a statement. "The result is greater convenience for the consumer and stronger consumer loyalty to financial institutions and businesses."

Foss said RemitCentral is a strong asset to financial institutions and businesses that continue to expand their payment options, providing them a way to consolidate processing and reconcile payments in a secure, open and seamless manner.

RemitCentral works for any size FI or business that receives electronic payments from multiple disparate sources, including banks, credit unions, utilities, tax offices and churces, the company said.

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