NEXTEP touchscreen kiosks improve ROI at Subway restaurants

March 30, 2010
Rob Woodward, a 20-year Subway franchise veteran with 25 Subway franchises, says his launch of NEXTEP SYSTEMS touchscreen drive-thru kiosks 24 weeks ago is already reflecting a positive return on his investment at locations in Loveland, Colo., and Cheyenne, Wyo.
"The only way to do drive-thru is with this kiosk," said Woodward, who now has four restaurants with touchscreen drive-thru kiosks, according to a news release from NEXTEP. "Previously we had a dedicated employee asking and answering 50 questions about each sandwich. It was a slow, inaccurate and costly means of taking orders. Our customers love the new system."
Woodward says the NEXTEP kiosks are "faster, more accurate, and are more profitable" than traditional drive-thrus, and orders are larger.
"The interactive kiosks are not shy about prompting customers for double meat or extra cheese," he said. "With the NEXTEP kiosk, an average store will make enough additional profit to pay for the kiosk in six months. Not only does the kiosk generate an additional 15 percent increase in sales, it also saves 40 employee hours per week."
Woodward says he plans to install more NEXTEP SYSTEMS kiosks in additional locations.
"Our credit-card reader and barcode scanner will have the ability to identify a specific customer, and display their previous order preferences," said Tommy Woycik, president of NEXTEP SYSTEMS.   NEXTEP has worked with Subway since 2005.
Developed by NEXTEP SYSTEMS and MRI, the touchscreen kiosks operate on NEXTEP's software, and feature a weatherproof 32-inch interactive touchscreen with an ambient light sensor, and a display positioning system to adjust the ordering screen for varying vehicle heights.

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