New product uses forced sanitation to stop spread of flu on kiosks

Jan. 31, 2013

The rampant flu season is affecting most parts of the country, leaving the sick in agony and the healthy bathing in disinfectant. Public places and touch areas are well-known germ hubs, the kiosk space included, resulting in antimicrobial surface treatments becoming a standard addition to such machines.

But one company is taking a less-technical approach to combating the spread of disease on public-use systems such as kiosks. Library Automation Technologies announced recently its qkCLEAN system that literally enforces the disinfection process by disabling use of a machine until the user has disinfected their hands with the provided cleanser.

Via a USB connection, qkCLEAN allows or disallows use of equipment until the sanitizing process is successfully performed, the company announcement said. Rules for the disinfection process are established and defined by system administrator, with logs and reports available to to help monitor actual use, notify when refill is required and identify peak use times and stations.

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