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April 29, 2008
YORK, Pa.  — Analytical Design Solutions Inc. has released Version 6.3.0 of KioWare Lite and KioWare Kiosk Basic and version 4.1 of KioWare Server. KioWare products provide lockdown security for browser-based applications, restricting users from accessing the OS and desktop, and allowing customization to limit Internet access. KioWare products can also provide support for second monitors, external and input devices, user phone dialing and server-based remote monitoring.
New KioWare Lite and KioWare Kiosk Basic Version 6.3.0 features include:
  • Security audit - Security checks can now be run on KioWare configuration settings based on kiosk best practices standards. Settings that are not in conformance with these standards are highlighted and can be changed to meet the standards.
  • Transparent virtual keyboards – Applications that require a pop-up virtual keyboard now have the ability to modify its opacity. 
  • Volume controls – The ability to set a default volume setting when a user session ends has been added. Volume Up and Volume Down buttons can also be added to the User Interface Toolbar.
  • Limiting print pages per session - The total number of pages a user can print during a single session can now be limited.
  • Integrated KioWare restart/reboot/shutdown scheduling – Administrators can schedule a daily KioWare restart, kiosk reboot or kiosk shutdown.
  • Additional cache clearing options – Administrators have the ability to choose from additional items when clearing cache at user session end. Specifically, the options to only clear HTTPS data or only keep media files are available.
  • Addition of kiosk name string constant to KioWare StartPage URL - Useful for server side scripting, the ability to have the kiosk name added to the query string of the StartPage URL has been added.
Additional features specific to KioWare Kiosk Basic Version 6.3.0 include:
  • New input device hardware support – KioWare Basic now supports all Web cameras that adhere to the WIA (Windows Imaging Architecture) standard.
  • New remote monitoring devices support for: US Micro Printer, Windows Print Queue monitoring (for printers without direct monitoring capability), WatchPort Temperature/Humidity Sensor and WMI Hardware (CPU, Fans, etc).
  • Additional second monitor support - Support for up to 10 monitors in addition to the primary monitor has been added.
  • Integrated VOIP support - By using toolbar dial buttons, a numeric keypad or embedded scripting, KioWare can dial a telephone number using VOIP. Phone numbers can be limited to individual domains or pages. Currently, Bravora VOIP service is supported.
KioWare Server provides the ability to maintain communication with multiple kiosks from a central location, remotely monitoring kiosk health, retrieving usage reports, collecting survey data and pushing content out to the kiosks. KioWare Server also provides support for second monitors, external and input devices, and user phone dialing.
New KioWare Server 4.1 features include:
  • Report graphing - Reports for usage and heartbeat now include graphical representation.
  • CSV exporting from reports - Report data can now be exported to a CSV file.
  • Journal feature - Administrators can create a journal of comments for each kiosk. Administrators have the option for comments to be private only to that administrator, or to be public to all KioWare Server users who have access to that kiosk.
  • Automated database administration tools - Automatically deletes different classes of data at specified timer intervals. For example, event logs older than six months can be automatically deleted.
  • File audit feature - The ability for KioWare to audit files on the kiosk for corruption or missing files has been added. KioWare Server sends a list of files with corresponding checksums, and KioWare checks that each file exists and has the proper checksum.

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