NCR Mobile Shopper goes live in Wis. grocery store

Jan. 11, 2013

A small-scale grocery chain has gotten a high-tech checkout makeover with the help of NCR's Mobile Shopper. Wisconsin-based Woodman's Food Markets announced today that the self-checkout system and application successfully went live on Jan. 7 at a location in Madison.

The Mobile Shopper solution by NCR functions on the premise that shoppers scan their grocery items as they shop. As an added bonus, the store features free Wi-Fi to ensure that shoppers using the system are not racking up data charges. Mobile Shopper also enables users to create virtual shopping lists before going to the store, further increasing the speed, efficiency and ease of their shopping trips, according to the announcement.

To check out, shoppers use the self-checkout stations and scan a QR code on their phones to transfer their mobile shopping information to the checkout kiosk, which then confirms the weight of the items scanned with the phone against the items being bagged. Attendants can help customers reconcile any discrepancies the system identifies and answer any other questions they may have, the announcement said. At this point, payment is completed through preferred traditional methods.

"NCR brings unique and powerful technology that helps Woodman's achieve our goals of customer service and convenience," said Chad Greenwald of Woodman's. "We're excited about launching this Mobile Shopper solution with NCR and look forward to delighting our customers with this new, high-tech shopping and checkout option."

Chris Lybeer, vice president and general manager of retail marketing and mobile solutions at NCR, added that the Mobile Shopper implementation positions Woodman's as a leader in retail technology usage.

"Launching mobile checkout takes Woodman's to the forefront of the 21st century and creates additional opportunities in the future for Woodman's to interact with their customers in real time during the shopping experience," Lybeer said.

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