MokiMobility enables cloud-based mobile device management for iPad, Android tablets

May 8, 2012

Integrating mobile device management features into tablet solutions for the iPad and Android tablets just got a little easier for retailers, thanks to the new MokiMobility +MDM device management platform designed to allow providers to remotely manage and customize iPads and Android devices to meet their individual needs, MokiMobility CEO Tom Karren, said in a company press release.

"IPads and other mobile devices represent an economical way to engage customers in highly interactive ways — and an increasing number of retailers, hotels and even pharmaceutical companies have seen the value," he said. "Unfortunately, many single-purpose mobile deployments have failed or never gotten fully off the ground due to the inability — or difficulty — of locking down and remotely managing the devices. Until +MDM, deploying these devices and being able to remotely manage and customize them for these single-purpose uses has been out of reach."

Use Cases: Armor Active and Vablet

ArmorActive (, based in Sandy, Utah, provides iPads and Android tablet enclosures and kiosks in commercial and public settings for such customers as the Gap, Guess Jeans, Specialized, BMW and Inter-Continental. ArmorActive released the new ActiveKiosk iOS kiosk solution using +MDM to enable remote management of both the iPad kiosk app and the iPad itself. +MDM unlocks the ability for ActiveKiosk customers to disable the home button, remove iPad apps that aren't relevant and push Wi-Fi settings and app updates directly to the iPad remotely. Customers can also remotely update the kiosk app settings, including the home page URL, auto-wake schedule and browsing time limits, applying these settings to individual or groups of kiosks, Scott Paul, CEO of Armor Active, said in the press release.

"We conducted extensive research to find a solution that would allow us to manage and customize these iPad kiosks from any location — and MokiMobility's +MDM was the only management solution that fit our deployment model and offered us the flexibility to bake in device management features with our remote kiosk app management solution," he said. "With +MDM, we're able to give our customers the ability to interact with individual kiosks in remote stores or upgrade every kiosk across every location at the same time, all from the cloud. It has made the difference between a successful and failed deployment for many of our customers."

Another MokiMobility partner, vablet, provides digital signage solution to more than 5,000 medical and dental offices nationwide. The vablet custom content application is driven by Apple's iPod Touch devices mounted behind LCD TVs.

"The synergy we have experienced in working with the MokiMobility team brings an exciting development to our product vision," said Paul Pacun, CEO, vablet, who demonstrated the digital signage solution at the Tab Times Tablet Strategy in New York City last month. "Using +MDM is a faster deployment experience for our clients as it streamlines device enrollment and app installation. The added security benefits of +MDM provide enhanced control over the device itself. +MDM is making it easier for us to scale our digital signage solution, as our clients often require thousands of devices for a single marketing campaign."

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