MicroMarket kiosks upgraded

May 2, 2012

365 Retail Markets recently added more than 20 new features to its SmartHub Gen II MicroMarket kiosk, a 24/7 unmanned self-checkout MicroMarket that can offer fresh food and beverage alternatives to vending. The enhancements include a smaller design that mounts to a wall or countertop and the ability for operators to brand both the kiosk and touchscreen skins, according to Vending Times.

Among other upgrades, a fingerprint reader is now an option on payment applications, and the self-checkout kiosks also accept mobile payments, credit and debit cards and a branded prepaid market card. The payment system can also be integrated with payroll deduction plans. SmartHub can be configured to accept and dispense banknotes and coins and is capable of reading digital and QR codes for mobile couponing.

The kiosk's touchscreen allows users to scan their items' barcodes or press the corresponding button on the screen. Voice commands and visual cues guide patrons through the checkout process.

Web-based 24-hour surveillance enables operators to access live feeds at any time, or view recorded footage when necessary. 365's SmartHQ system provides operators with direct access to security footage. It also provides sales and inventory reports and customizable reporting options that help operators work smarter. 365 also offers a smartphone and tablet-enabled app, allowing operators to access backend solutions on the go.

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