MediPay kiosks target dispensary transactions

Jan. 22, 2013

MediSwipe Inc., a patient security solutions and financial products provider, today announced an agreement with Payteller LLC, a provider of bill-payment and customized kiosks, to manufacture, distribute and maintain the network of MediPay kiosks that address the alternative cash payment needs of the medical dispensary sector.

The MediPay kiosks are designed to prevent fraudulent transactions and cut down on employee and potential theft, the announcement said, and will provide functionality including patient identification, cash in/coupon out, loyalty and debit card issuance, and bill pay for retail locations.

"Since the elimination of legitimate credit card processing for this industry since July of 2012, there has been a great need to provide a payment solution for both merchants and patients other than ATMs or cash transactions that will allow patients to use other forms of payment, have receipts to present to insurance companies as well as begin to set up a proper infrastructure for the states to receive revenue from these operations," said B. Michael Freidman, CEO of MediSwipe. "We believe that through our partnership with Payteller, MediSwipe has found the perfect solution."

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