KioWare's new release targets resellers, ASPs

Dec. 2, 2007
YORK, Pa. — Analytical Design Solutions Inc., developers of KioWare kiosk software, has announced a new product to the KioWare line — KioWare Server ASP.
KioWare Server ASP is designed to support enterprise and application-service provider installations, giving clients or resellers the ability to host the software. KioWare Server ASP provides an additional site data layer that enables kiosks to be organized at a higher level than the project level in the regular KioWare Server, giving resellers and ASPs the ability to make each site layer a different customer, the company says. The new KioWare Server allows for complete separation of data and user access, and controlling what the site client is able to do and see within KioWare Server ASP. 
Additionally, the following new features in KioWare Server 4.0  also are available in KioWare Server ASP:
  • Flexible user accounts, roles and permissions that control user abilities at a functional level.
  • Client content updating procedures that include application files, KioWare updates and OS updates. To support cellular networks, content transfer now checks for file truncation and corruption errors.
  • Ability to provide ad hoc grouping of kiosks. Groups can contain other groups, projects or individual kiosks.
  • Addition of ad hoc data structures useful for storing custom data about each kiosk, which can be imported from a spreadsheet.
  • Added infrastructure to support 3rd party add-ins. The first add-in will be released in December: a kiosk mapping add-in that enables all your kiosks and their status to be overlaid onto a digital map.
  • A new API that enables third parties to develop a custom KioWare Server interface as well as plug-ins to the standard interface.

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