Kiosks recruiting bone marrow donors

May 14, 2012

DKMS, a bone marrow donor center, has deployed several kiosks throughout New England to help recruit bone marrow donors.

"The more people we register, the more lives we'll save," DKMS Employee Michael Guglielmo told the Concord Monitor. Guglielmo'so 5-year-old son, Giovanni, received a bone marrow transplant but died last month of a rare immune disorder.

The kiosks, which show potential donors photos of blood cancer patients who need matches and a video about the donation process, aren't in hospitals or doctor's offices. Instead they're in high-traffic areas, including a YMCA, a hair salon and an office park. The machines allow users to register in less than five minutes and sends their info to DKMS, which then mails them a kit with instructions to swab the sides of their cheeks and send back the samples. Donors will be added to the registry within 30 days.

The system is free to both donors and the businesses hosting the kiosks.

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