Kiosks help air travelers locate missing luggage

Dec. 31, 2013

Kiosks at the Moscow Domodedovo Airport are helping ease the frustration of a lost bag. According to Future Travel Experience, the airport has installed WorldTracer kiosks, which enable passengers to report missing luggage without the need to speak to an agent.

Software developed by SITA and IATA links passengers with their lost luggage by referencing the WorldTracer system, which is a global platform that traces mishandled baggage. Passengers scan the barcode on their luggage tag to begin the search and report process.

"The system of self-registration of lost baggage is an important element of the programme (sic) for service development," said Igor Borisov, Moscow Domodedovo Airport director. "Innovations like WorldTracer kiosks allow us not only to maintain the leading position, but also to ensure faster development of the airport."

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