KIOSK to debut automated retail store at NRF

Jan. 3, 2012

KIOSK Information Systems will showcase StoreBOT, its latest solution in a new series of automated retail solutions Jan. 16-17 in New York City at the National Retail Federation's Big Show.

StoreBOT is an automated retail platform providing secure self-service delivery of multiple product categories, including games, electronics, perfume and health/beauty items, according to a company press release. The automated center provides retailers with a sales and delivery mechanism to resolve high shrink rates associated with small, but expensive items.

"The KIOSK design and application development teams worked closely with initial clients to create tangible ROI into the custom platform," CEO Rick Malone, said in the reslease. "Ultimately, automated retail is about simultaneously eliminating multiple tiers of theft while maximizing sales, and the unique feature set in the StoreBOT platform hits both marks dead-on."

The system blocks category loss at both an employee and consumer level. Employee theft in North America accounts for 44.1 percent of shrink, according to the Global Retail Theft Barometer (GRTB July 2010 -- June 2011). StoreBOT intercepts employee theft by incorporating employee password and/or biometric and camera components to identify and link associates responsible for loading machine inventory with automated stock count reports (before and after loading). Once loaded, inventory remains housed and locked in the enclosure until dispensed with completed payment transaction, blocking the 43.2 percent of shrink currently associated with shoplifting and organized retail crime, according to Malone.

The StoreBOT robotic delivery mechanism also doubles as an intelligent inventory count tool. The system provides on-demand inventory visibility by scanning the physical product bar codes and remotely reporting back accurate counts directly to the retailer, eliminating costly operator involvement and stock losses resulting from administrative errors. Further, StoreBOT automatically triggers re-order reports based on minimum stock levels to prevent missed sales opportunities.

The sales & loyalty platform provides brand selection that rivals an online ordering experience (200 -- 600 product slots), with the immediate delivery only available at a walk-in retailer, Malone said. The modular platform can fit in-line with departmental store shelving, or act as a stand-alone kiosk in alternative retail placements.

"KIOSK sees endless possibilities in automated retail, and is developing flexible solution configurations to accommodate the various product categories and sales environments of our retailer client base," Malone said.

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