KIOSK targets NRF with display of Bullet-Lock feature

Jan. 10, 2013

Retail rental transactions are the focus of KIOSK Information Systems' display at next week's
NRF Big Show in New York City. The LockSpot Self-Service Rental Platform incorporates an RFID tracking and locking mechanism that secures and tracks rental assets while in use.

Both customers and employees can check out equipment through the kiosk user interface or through their smartphones, an announcement from the company said. Assets are secured at the modular LockSpot stations with KIOSK's new Bullet-Lock attachment, scaled to fit the item's size and shape. The mechanism contains an RFID chip that is affixed to the rental item, which communicates to an RFID antenna that resides in the kiosk station.

KIOSK's full NRF portfolio of retail self-service solutions includes endless aisle, loyalty, in-store bill payment, rental and locker solutions, and automated retail delivery systems.

"The key benefits of the technology are the low cost, and scalability of the lock and related docking station," said KIOSK CEO Tom Weaver. "It works as well with a handheld associate scanner or a set of keys as it does with bulky rental tools and assets. Bullet-Lock docking stations can be neatly cabled to the kiosk, making expansion simple and very cost effective."

Watch the video below:

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