KIOSK Information Systems launches new Web site for self-service solutions

Jan. 31, 2010

KIOSK Information Systems today announced the launch of its new Web site,, which provides customers with a complete range of self-service-solution-design resources.

The site presents an array of self-service kiosk solutions and is organized into simple-to-navigate vertical market portfolio groupings, quickly funneling standard and custom kiosk design examples applicable to the customer's specific project considerations. Additionally, all-inclusive project services are presented in an expanded pick-and-choose menu, enabling clients to consider exactly what level of service and support they may need throughout their project life cycle.

The new site organizes examples of KIOSK's most successful customer deployments, culled from the company's more than 16 years in the self-service market, into relevant solution design galleries to serve as an "idea springboard" for new clients entering the market. KIOSK designs range from traditional applications in retail, check-in, order-entry and HR to very sophisticated custom project examples in outdoor ticketing, healthcare, security, financial services and more. In addition to hundreds of kiosk enclosure examples, KIOSK officials say the site contains valuable explanations of key design processes, manufacturing considerations and services to consider as the project takes shape.

"The new site was a necessity for the company to meet steep growth in customer demand for self-service research in a number of markets," said KIOSK CMO Tom Weaver. "Many of us in the industry have intuitively known that the economic pressures of the past year would be likely to force growth in self-service. KIOSK is watching this prediction unfold in record-high Web site traffic and a steep growth surge in new projects as cost-reduction and revenue-generating kiosk initiatives move from the analysis phase into full-on deployments."

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