Kiosk battles obesity at corporate office parks

Nov. 12, 2012

Data from the Centers for Disease Control points out that two-thirds of all adults in the U.S. are overweight or obese, and recent studies show that overweight Americans are impacting the corporate bottom lines more dramatically than previously thought.

This is where a new weight loss kiosk concept from Denver-based SlimGenics looks to make an impact. SlimGenics Weight Control Centers announced recently the launch of its WeighTM interactive kiosk, designed for placement at corporate offices to act as a virtual coach to employees trying to lose weight, the announcement said.

At their first visit to the kiosk, participants are asked to form a brief profile in order to personalize their weight loss program. They will set their goal weight and take a full-body photo. Each subsequent time that they check in at the kiosk, employees will have the opportunity to take additional photos and see a graph representing their weight loss progress. They will also receive interactive support, such as virtual badges to celebrate reaching weight loss milestones, which they can then share with friends and family via Facebook and Twitter, the announcement said.

"Based on research conducted at Duke University, obesity among full-time employees costs U.S. employers $73.1 billion per year, or up to $7,500 per employee," said Katherine Ott, CEO of SlimGenics. "In response to this, SlimGenics has developed the WeighTM kiosk as well as our overall SlimGenics@Work corporate program to help companies reduce absenteeism, lower insurance premiums and increase productivity by helping their employees lose weight, while making healthy and lasting lifestyle changes."

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