Key Innovations launches new pay terminal

April 3, 2012

Key Innovations has launched its KiSC unattended payment terminal that works with existing touchscreens, according to a company press release. The solution is PCI approved, using encryption technology originally developed to protect Blu-ray digital media rights.

"This innovative use of encryption technology means that when it's time to pay, the customer's attention is no longer directed away from the kiosk screen. All instructions for using payment cards and entering PIN numbers are presented on the main display as part of an integrated multi-media presentation," Peter Jarvis, president of Key Innovations Ltd., said in the release.

The PCI/EMV payment system eliminates the need for multiple displays and keeps the user's attention focused on the kiosks screen to ensure the buying process is as easy and as intuitive as possible, Jarvis said. The payment process becomes an integral part of the customer's engagement and interaction with the kiosk.

Using an old technology, non-integrated payment terminal requires the customer to change their method of interaction, breaking the relationship between the kiosk and the customer at the most critical stage of the purchasing process, he said. Redirecting the customer to a secondary payment device requires them to refocus and engage with a new and entirely different interface. This break in the communication between kiosk and customer wastes time, confuses the customer, blocks the kiosk and loses sales.

In contrast, the KiSC keeps customers engaged with familiar and dynamic screen content throughout the sale by integrating payment as part of the sales process, Jarvis said.

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