Frankfurt Airport lands more self-service with wayfinding kiosks

Feb. 18, 2013

Passengers at Frankfurt Main Airport have plenty of self-service at their fingertips, according to a report on, thanks in large part to its "Great to Have You Here!" program.

Frankfurt Airport's latest technology innovation comes in the form of intelligent information and wayfinding kiosks. Designed by Fraport and produced by German-based Polygon GmbH, each kiosk is fitted with a barcode scanner that can read boarding passes and calculate the quickest route to the required terminal for the passenger using it, according to the report.

The airport plans to deploy 90 units across both terminals in an effort to help people navigate the airport as well as learn of any changes to gate or departure times for their flights.

Read more about kiosks for wayfinding and information.

Topics: Airport Kiosks , Display Technology , Europe , Interactive / Touchscreen , Wayfinding / Information

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