DSE13: Symon says it's showing smart digital signage

Feb. 25, 2013

This week at Digital Signage Expo in Las Vegas, digital signage provider Symon Communications Inc. will be showcasing its "the latest and most vibrant, intelligent visual solutions" with demos of Symon software and services.

A lot is new, the company said in a recent email, from brand-new services to new capabilities in existing Symon services:

OnTarget Premier: Now Symon can produce day-to-day messaging for clients' digital signage, through its team of content specialists, the company said, by transforming input such as product brochures, press releases and photos into content slides. Busy communications and marketing teams can still keep their audiences engaged with fresh news and information.

InView Mobile Data: Symon is now untethering data-driven managers from their PCs and display screens by adding push notifications to the mobile app version of the Symon InView desktop application, the company said. Also, NFC-enabled devices are now supported — users simply hold the device up to any strategically placed NFC station and receive immediate, real-time data.

LobbyView: For properties aiming to improve guest services, Symon offers the all-new LobbyView interactive, touchscreen kiosk. LobbyView enables deployers' guests to view property maps, amenities, local area maps, airline flight information, news headlines, weather information, sports news and more. Additionally, analytics reports will show exactly how guests are using the LobbyView kiosk, the company said.

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